Part 5, Catherine Templeton

Don’t start here! Start with Part 1.

Next, Catherine Templeton spoke. She was Nikki Haley’s pick to run DHEC and is now a candidate for governor. She was introduced as someone who worked in a factory before working her way up, and eventually worked for DHEC and privatizing government functions. This is important, because the upper-class sees business opportunities. Big ones.

Whoever was introducing her – and I’m not sure if it was still Kevin Bryant or someone else – said that the Democrats called her a “buzz saw” and “dangerous.” The crowd loved it anytime Dems were criticized. They thrive on being criticized by Democrats, and this theme came up again and again. They’ve embraced “deplorables” and snark about being called racist. As you know, they’ve taken “Fake News” and made it their own. They even love calling racist those on the left, particularly Al Sharpton and Van Jones, but really anyone who talks about racial discrepancies.

I don’t remember if she said anything before she started introducing Bannon. But she noted that he came from a working-class family, served in the Navy, worked for the Pentagon, and worked in Hollywood and at Goldman Sachs. When she said he is the head of Breitbart, the crowd burst out in cheers. She got in a few buzz words – Fake News, “tantrums of the liberal media” and liberals are screaming at the sky, MAGA (to huge cheers), and “establishment politicians.” She finished her introduction with Bannon as the architect of “the conservative revolution that has just begun.”

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