Part 9, Nasty Woman

Don’t start here! Start with Part 1.

I couldn’t hear what my friend said, but I heard Bannon say, “I wanna thank one of my ex-wives for showing up.” I heard my friend yell “Free Speech,” and she was taken outside. My heart was pounding, but I continued to take notes as if nothing had happened. She obviously felt strongly enough to confront Bannon, so I was going to finish the job we came for. I wanted to hear Bannon through to the end.

I might have missed a few things while I took a few deep breaths and tried to refocus on the task at hand. The next thing I heard was that Trump ran because he loves his country. I think Bannon was saying that Trump didn’t need to subject himself to all the hate, but he did it for country.

I didn’t have time to think then, but now that simply sounds absurd. Ask any mental health professional. Hell, ask any person. Trump’s so narcissistic that he doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and possibly his close family members. Trump did not run for president for the country. He did it for himself, for the fame he craves, and probably for the money he could make off the election. I doubt he thought he could win, but I think when it looked possible, he realized how much money he could make as President. Not in salary, of course, but by leveraging his power.

“They’re trying to nullify the election,” Bannon continued. I left, said Bannon, because the GOP establishment was trying to nullify the election. (I thought Bannon was fired?) As evidence, he cited the Senate Judiciary committee and the House investigation. I wrote Senate again in my notes, and it seems he may have mentioned three Congressional investigations. I’ll have to look that up, because I thought there were two.

I haven’t watched the video of the event. Actually, I didn’t know it would be released. Most of the time, when you go to a talk or performance, you aren’t allowed to record. Still, I don’t regret being there. I learned so much. I learned that racists are open when they think they’re among friends.

Something else that bothered me is how far the protesters were situated from the event. There were numerous physical barriers and street in between. As a result, the crowd waiting in line to get in could not hear the protesters nor read their signs. I sincerely hope that this does not become standard operating procedure. I do realize that this event had more safety concerns than many events. I realize that recent attacks with trucks made security very wary of placing guests or protesters where a vehicle attack could happen. At the same time, when we give up some of our Constitutional values, we’re on a slippery slope. I hope that each security team going forward designates someone to advocate for protesters’ First Amendment rights. They should be balanced against security concerns.

But back to Bannon. He stated that he has no problem with looking at Russia, but that the Democrats lost because they had a terrible candidate. “I’ve got an idea,” Bannon quipped. “Run her again.” The crowd loved it. “We have to stop this nullification process.” Bannon said he argued against firing Comey. He thinks the committees should have a time limit for the investigation. Here, there was a lot I couldn’t understand. I hope someone captured it on video. Bannon said, “SHUT IT DOWN.”

Bannon is brilliantly manipulative. He says he doesn’t care if they look at the campaign’s connections with Russia, but minutes later he argues for time limits and for shutting it down. What he did not say is important. He didn’t say that the vote is a sacred aspect of our Republic. He didn’t say that voters must have confidence in the election process. He also didn’t say that any foreign interference into our election process, regardless of which party it helps, should be shut down. He said the investigation should be shut down.

Next up: the final bits of Bannon, and you won’t believe what happened in the bathroom.

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