I am a psychologist in Charleston, SC in private practice.

The rise of Trump has prompted me to speak out.

Trump has personality characteristics that make him dangerous to society. Someone as narcissistic as Trump requires constant, adoring attention. However, he’s not particularly intelligent or skilled,  he makes decisions impulsively, and he refuses to seek counsel. As a result,  he gets a great deal of criticism, to which he is extremely defensive. He lashes out.

Trump has authoritarian tendencies, and he has white supremacist followers. Steve Bannon is a key architect of Trump’s strategies, and I wanted to experience the milieu first-hand and document it. I was frustrated that, to those of us who are paying attention, Bannon is clearly a white supremacist, while many mainstream Republican followers don’t see the connection at all.

Here, a note is in order. When I use the term “white supremacist,” I don’t necessarily mean a guy who wears a robe and burns crosses on someone’s lawn. That’s one form of white supremacy. But another form of white supremacy is the willful protection of power for white people while disregarding the needs of others. See Ta-Nahisi Coates’ article, Donald Trump is the First White President, for context.